Ensure you have fulfilled all the steps in the Introduction section which include Signing up on either the Test/Production Environments, Creating an API Key and the process for Authorizing Requests.

By default, a wallet is created for you. However, you can also create additional wallets known as sub wallets. For example, you can have multiple Bitcoin or Ethereum sub wallets.

FLITBASE provides an alternative to receiving funds from direct payments into your wallet and that is to do so through Payment Reservations.

First, Create a Payment Reservation. A Payment Reservation affords you more control over the amount and currencies to be sent. Payment Reservations also enable you to add the information of the customer and your payment references. A successful creation would return a checkout URL that can be displayed to the customer.

To access details of successful payments, a request is made to List Payments.

It is advisable to provide a URL that can accept POST requests and Create a Webhook which would subscribe to automatic notifications once a payment is received and/or confirmed.